HOW to recruit with zero prospecting?

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If you talk to the leaders in the industry saying that the key to success is prospecting

When I started out in the network marketing industry I was given the same recruiting tips that I suppose the majority of newbies get. prospecting is how you build a business and this is true if you want to build solely offline, but I didnt.

In my opinion there is zero prospecting required anymore, so let us get out of the 'old school ways' and into the modern era if you know how to use the internet.

If you are not tech savvy please do not worry it is very easy to apply this formula, you only need a facebook account and the ability to follow some simple instructions.

Most people have a Facebook account but just do not know how to recruit for network marketing using social media, they are simply transferring the traditional type prospecting to the internet which includes;

  • Make a list of my family, friends and friends of friends,at least 100 people, highlight the most likely people who would be interested then go out and prospect them.
  • Post on my facebook profile about how fantastic my new business is and that it's a no brainer.
  • Promote my company pictures, logos and messages 
  • Spamming Facebook groups with my offer
  • Sending friend requests and sending them messages to jump on this amazing opportunity
  • You get the idea right?...

Sound familiar? Yes I did them all and of course got virtually no results.

Now I am not denying the traditional network marketing techniques have seen many success stories, as the old school leaders will tell you it is a proven strategy and it is possible to build a team this way, in fact the majority still build their business solely offline ....but things change and my immediate thoughts even right at the beginning were this;

"surely there is a better way to leverage the internet and social media to help me get prospects and recruit without bugging my family and friends".

I did as I was told though and made a list. I actually put together a list of approximately 800 people and started contacting them.

I was using social media and in particularly Facebook and Messenger to try and prospect people.

I got a little success and manage to talk a few friends and family members to join me.

The problem is deep down I knew they were not going to go out and follow this recruiting technique and would most likely quit at some point in the future. 

So I started looking at the top income earners in network marketing and I noticed a few of these rock stars were employing some recruiting techniques that I wasn't been taught. so I thought I want to learn this and start teaching my team.

So after lots of homework, coaching, webinars scrolling google and endless youtube videos I started to see a pattern and that was they were attracting not chasing.


So let's get into it, How can we recruit with zero prospecting using the amazing platform that is Facebook.

The reason it is an amazing platform for us to use, is that Facebook knows a lot about us, We give them information constantly through our activities of posting, liking, commenting etc.

Facebook has has almost 2 Billion people and alot of them are interested in what you have to offer. You simply have to know how to locate them!

I do not know which industry you are involved in but just as an example let's take the Health & Wellness niche.

Ask yourself who are the type of people most likely to be interested in your product, service or opportunity?

If you are thinking - people who have already bought similar products in the past then you are on the right track, also what about people who are or have been involved in network marketing?

Great now you have a proven audience type for your health and wellness opportunity. Now all we have to do is know where to find them.

How do we do that? Well how many times have you seen and 'Liked' a page for something you are interested in. I am guessing at least a few times, so has everyone else on the platform. When you do this Facebook registers this information and now you are able to use this for your business.

You do this by using an awesome tool provided by Facebook called Audience Insights, and even this is completely Free! 

So taking the example I just gave you... 'Health and Wellness' all you have to do is type in the 'Interests' section of Audience Insights as shown in the picture provided.

 As you can see by simply entering Health & Wellness as an interest there are 40-45 million people worldwide who are interested in this niche

As you can see by simply entering Health & Wellness as an interest there are 40-45 million people worldwide who are interested in this niche

 Once I entered a location (e.g. United States) this brought the reach down to 6-7 million people. You can be even choose a specific town if you want to target locally. as well as age and gender.

Once I entered a location (e.g. United States) this brought the reach down to 6-7 million people. You can be even choose a specific town if you want to target locally. as well as age and gender.

As the photos above show there are 40-45 million people on Facebook who are interesting in the Health and Wellness Niche. 

You can choose a particular target area too, so lets just look as I did in this example at the US and we can see there are approx 6-7 million people to choose from.

However we may want to narrow it down even further so we can get even more specific targeting.

So we can also pick an age, gender, demographic which we feel best suits us.

Then if we click on Page Likes, we will discover other pages that the people who like health and wellness also follow.

As you can see here just as an example the Ashley Black Guru page has a total of almost 1 million likes and 218k specifically who like health and wellness in combination with this page.

There people are all the perfect potential hot prospects for you.

You can do this whatever your niche is, so lets take another example. Let's say you are looking for an audience that are looking for  an additional monthly income and are not skeptical about Multi Level Marketing. Then someone like Robert Kiyosaki's Facebook page may be a good place to go.

Just play around with the Audience Insight App and you will find it easy to located great prospects for whatever you have to offer.

Now you are probably thinking.

How Do I Get These People To Ask Me About My Product or About Joining My Business Opportunity?

Well the strategy that is most effective is something called Attraction Marketing.

I have used this formula after being introduced to it by Ferny Cabellos and I knew it was going to be the key to get prospects to come to me like a magnet.

So I starting using the Attraction Marketing Formula, outlined in my FREE 10 Day Online Recruiting Bootcamp available here.

This strategy is a completely passive way of making sure you have lead coming in regularly every day.

The Bootcamp provides 10 easy to follow Videos which will have your inbox full of lead notifications, teaching you that there are dozens or even hundreds of potential prospects who are interested in learning more about what you have to offer and in working with you.

I would highly recommend you get a Fan Page as this strategy will only have limited effect of you facebook profile. 

You want to stop bugging your friends and family, spamming groups and potentially resulting in Facebook closing down your account...they will do this if they think you are spamming or promoting a business.

Creating a Fan Page is so easy and takes just a few minutes, If you are unsure how to do it just go to Youtube for a quick tutorial. This is the first step to creating a brand so my advice would be brand YOU.

  • I would not post about your products or your company. so post about your lifestyle, and how you have benefited from being involved in your niche.
  • If you are in Travel, post about your travels, give advice on places to go, travel tips etc..not your company products
  • If you are in Skin Care, post about the best skin care regimes, what celebrities are doing to get perfect skin..not about your product
  • If you are in Network about time freedom, financial freedom how to create a residual income.... but not about your company. (check out my Fan Page and you will see I do not mention my company at all)

You should be posting value content that teaches people something. Build up your authority in your particular niche so people know you, like you and trust you.

People will start to ask for advice and once you have built up trust you can then introduce them to your product without a sales pitch.

Using the strategies that you will learn in the 10 Day Bootcamp you can start to target these hot prospects so they start checking in on your Fan Page regularly, they will follow you, like your page and ask for advice if they see you an influencer or leader.

Now you can 'Recruit with Zero Prospecting' as I told you!

So Let's Summarize... What should you do next?

  1. Create a Facebook Fan Page around your area of interest.
  2. Start posting valuable but generic content about that area of interest.
  3. Use the ‘Audience Insights’ tool to find the hottest target audiences for your products or opportunity.
  4. Apply Facebook advertising strategies to attract people to your page.
  5. Wait for people messaging you or asking you for advice.
  6. Present your solutions (i.e. your products or opportunity).

I am going to discuss Facebook advertising in a blog post coming up so keep an eye out for this as advertising should certainly be part of your long term marketing strategy and is something that you will want to implement. 

Advertising is very important as we are not just networkers we are also marketers (hence the name Network Marketing haha) but first delve in and understand the principles of Attraction Marketing with the Boot Camp I mentioned.

I really do not like prospecting and hopefully you will now realise you can avoid doing it.

The internet is the best and fastest way to grow a potential 6, 7 or even 8 figure income.. it can be done.

I love to try and give you extra value each week with an AWESOME FREE resource that you can download and implement in your business for speedy results. 

So I am happy to give you my FREE 10 Day Online Recruiting Training Course.

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