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We created the 'Elevate Your Success' group to help you leverage Facebook to simplify your online marketing so you can generate more income for your business.

FREE 2018 Facebook Marketing Blueprint TRAINING


Start creating your own lifestyle and business blueprint. Learn how to use your facebook page to build your dream online business, even if you are a beginner.


SERVICES & PRODUCTs to help you succeed

Daz Smith Official is a Premier Online & Facebook Marketing Expert.

My aim is to provide you with simple but automated processes & Systems that work to attract, capture and nurture cold prospects into grateful and happy customers who like, know and trust you.

Learn how to run your entire marketing hub on the world's largest social media platform.

We have also developed a range of services, resources and training products so you have all the tools required to build a successful business, including the following:

✔ Website Design & Build
✔ SEO- Search Engine Optimisation Support
✔ Branding & Visual Design
✔ Facebook Marketing Systems
✔ Membership Training Groups (Free & Paid)
✔ Generate Leads & Sales Online
✔ Create Duplication in your Team
✔ Build Leadership Skills & Much More

Free Stuff

Here are a few great training resources that are going to help you build your business...


If you only take advantage of one of our free trainings, it should be this facebook marketing blueprint.

This 10 day video training from my mentor Ferny Cabellos on how to attract the perfect prospects shouldn't be missed either... just saying! 


Recruiting Frenzy

The Ultimate Network Marketer's Guide to Connecting and Recruiting People on Social Media.

Simple Video Scripts

FACT: Most marketing videos Suck!  Here’s a short word-for-word script that’ll transform your simple 2 minute video in a raging lead generation machine.

Blogging Secrets

Discover 10 Powerful Blogging Secrets of the Pros That Dramatically Increase Your Readership and turn your Prospects into Raving Fans!

Headline Formulas

5 Proven Ways You Can Instantly Grab Your Prospect's Attention And Pull Them Into Reading Your Sales Letter Or Watching Your Video.

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